Desiree on the Issues

Gun Safety

Mass shootings, murders, and gun violence are at an all-time high. When Dayton made the news in the aftermath of the mass shooting, Desiree, like everyone in our community, was devastated. The gunman was able to kill 9 individuals and wound 27 in less than 32 seconds because he used a high capacity assault weapon specifically designed not for self-protection or hunting, but rather for killing as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

Assault Weapons Ban

Desiree will ban these gun sales in America. Military-style assault weapons do not belong in our backyards, but instead, the battlefields for which they were designed.

Universal Background Checks

More than 90% of Americans believe in background checks and that includes 90% of Ohioans. We need universal background checks now and Desiree will vote for a uniform background check for gun sales.

Red Flag Laws

Desiree strongly supports red flag laws that will allow law enforcement, after judicial review, to intervene and remove guns from someone who poses a threat to themselves or someone they love — until and unless they can prove the danger to no longer be a threat.


Desiree strongly believes that healthcare should be accessible and affordable to all. We need to protect the provisions in the Affordable Care Act that have allowed countless to gain coverage that they otherwise never would have had, including requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.

We must also provide a public option so that more people can access high-quality, affordable healthcare while allowing those who have insurance they like through their employer to keep it. Desiree will also stand up to big pharmaceutical companies and work to lower the costs of prescription drugs.

Women’s Health

 Desiree supports the right of women to have access to a safe and legal abortion. A woman’s right to choose is simply that—her right. Desiree will fight to protect Roe v. Wade.

Jobs and the Economy

The communities that make up Ohio’s 10th Congressional District used to be an economic driver for Ohio and the country. Now, our hourly wage earners aren’t getting paid the way they were more than a decade ago.

Desiree believes that Ohio was left out of the Great Recovery and it’s time for the federal government to invest in Ohio. That’s why she wants to build a strong infrastructure system and jumpstart a reinvestment initiative that starts right here in the heartland of America.

Given that we’re home to several universities and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Desiree will bring more federal funding to our district to create more jobs in technology, cybersecurity, and transportation.


It’s time for the middle class to get a tax plan that benefits them.

Congress passed a tax bill that gave 83% percent of benefits to the top 1% paid for by the rest of hardworking people like us. The Republican tax bill added to the deficit, which has increased 50% during the Trump era.


Desiree is union strong. She knows unions have been the backbone of the middle class for decades

It’s important that workers have the right to collectively bargain with their employers. She opposes “right-to-work” laws that cripple workers’ opportunity to receive fair wages.


Our farmers are losing profits under trade agreements and everyday consumers are forced to pay the price increase for bad deals. Desiree will work to ensure that trade agreements include strong protections for Americans, whether they sell crops and products or make online purchases.


We need to make sure a college education isn’t a life debt sentence.

By capping student loan interest rates and providing more federal college grants, while looking into making community colleges free, we can do just that.

We also need to pay our teachers more. If educating our children is one of the most important jobs, pay needs to reflect that.

We also need to ensure that our education system is supported in a holistic way with more counselors and other wrap-around services.

Finally, so that our students are set up to succeed, Desiree will support a national universal preschool program.


Climate change is real and we need to invest in clean energy programs now. By investing in wind and solar, we can ensure our earth lasts longer and create new jobs.

Clean Water

Communities across the country are struggling to ensure they provide clean water. That’s why Desiree will support reinvestment in clean water systems. Desiree knows that it’s critically important to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the lands we cherish for a better tomorrow for our children.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our bail and penal system are broken. They create a never-ending cycle of crime and poverty. We need to pass laws that get rid of cash bail on a national level, provide funding for community policing models, ensure every police officer has a body camera while on duty, and outlaw private prison systems.


Our veterans put their lives on the line for our freedom. We must support our veterans in every way we can to assist in their transition back to civilian life.

Our VA system needs to be overhauled so that our veterans’ care is the top priority. We need to ensure our veterans have the educational opportunities they need to succeed. And we need to support legislation that creates more jobs, so our veterans have more opportunities for employment.